Alexandria University


Q: Who can apply to Graduate Studies at VT-MENA?
A: VT-MENA only accepts applicants working in Governmental Universities and Research Institutes.
Q: Once I apply for VT-MENA, will I be eligible for a mission?
A: Yes. There are two ways for applying for VT-MENA; the first one is applying through the Missions Sector of the Ministry of Higher Education. The other way is to apply directly through VT-MENA. Once you get accepted in VT you will directly be on a mission.
Q: What are the desired scores for TOEFL and GRE in order to get accepted in VT?
A: The higher your scores, the better your chances are. However, you should not get less than 720 in the Graduate Record Examination. The desired scores for the English Proficiency Exam should not be less than 97 if you were applying for ECE Department and not less than 80 for CS department.

Q: How many credit hours do I need in order to achieve a PhD?
A:  you will need 12 AU credit hours and 90 VT credit hours.
Q: What is Direct PhD?
A: Direct PhD is a PhD program for those who want to combine the master and PhD degree.