Alexandria University

VT-MENA: Overview

The VT-MOHE Partnership aims to establish Centers of Academic Excellence (CAEs) for Research & Graduate Studies and resident Collaborative Degree Programs (CDPs) in Egypt.

This partnership also aims to develop the scientific research system in Egypt according to successful models followed in developed countries through the integration of graduate studies and scientific research. 

The program degrees for participating students will be awarded collaboratively by both Virginia Tech and Alexandria University, with the students carrying out most of their course work as well as a significant part of their research in Egypt.The Ph.D. degree requires a minimum of 1 year of residency at VT in the US.

The following documents give overview information about the VT-MENA partnership with MoHE and Alexandria University:

VT-MENA Info Session. Power Point Overview Presentation

Our Logo

The VT_MENA Logo represent the partnership sought between VT (in North America) and MoHE (in the MENA region).  North America is colored in the VT Maroon and the MENA region is colored Blue for Alexandria University. The partnership is aimed to bridge and overcome the distance between the two regions (shrink the ocean). The program is launched with MoHE in Egypt in 2008.